2013 Australian Classic MX Championships

Well a hot weekend was had in more ways than one, warm weather, hot racing and a couple of unfortunate bike fires.

Before the racing I’d like to thank Motorcycle Pitstop and South West Harley for their support. Also Brook Lawson for the bike loan

Special mention to our support crew in Mary, Maureen, Carol, Amy, Jenny, Monica, Alison, young Courtney, Jo, Tyler (cane toad) Mitchell and Christine who took some 4700 shots, will be on the websites soon.

The WA crew started arriving on Tuesday and unloading the container on Thursday

I will not go into any details of the fun times had, they can be told around the campfires by those involved, but just use the words, Red wine, Disco ball, Brian’s birthday, Giant Spider, upside down number plates, 272, Gilligan, Party Bus, Surrogate sons, slide show, loss of hat, glasses and shoes, and many other events that occurred.

The event was brilliant and very well run, track changed constantly as it was well watered and most races involved mud. So we had 30 degree heat with mud, great fun.

The gods of motocross didn’t shine to brightly on us in this event but it wasn’t for the lack of trying. Quite a few riders placed themselves in Championship position but due to bike breakdowns and racing incidents weren’t able make the top podium, and it all started race1. I am renowned for having accidents on lap 1 but normally that’s practice, this time it was the race, where I was clipped by a rider coming back onto the track and tweaked my knee, so started the day.

Kris Lindgren was firing up and placed well all day, he got even quicker on Sunday but dropped a chain and after assistance from the crew was able to finish the race. Costa lost about 4kgs before the event started pushing the 400 Husky, but it fired in the end and his perseverance over the weekend ensured he got a podium spot. Nick Fitzgerald and his mechanic Jo (Ice Lady) worked hard to keep him in contention, but a race incident slowed his momentum. Alan Mitchell and son Darryl (Dale), also missed out with minor bike problems and racing incidents.

Andrew Irving had a good start for the meeting, but had a bad off in the next event and was a bit battered and bruised to continue. Nick Maxfield well it just wasn’t his weekend. His beloved AJS never got pasted the 3rd corner, with mud clogging the mudguard in the first event and the magneto giving out in the second. Rick Speak blew the base gasket on the 400 Maico, so was left to battle the meet out on the trusty Bultaco and was well in contention and till that decided not to play in his last event

Have to give some time to the Scott Lawson story, two beautifully prepared CCM’s and a he was ready to go. He was right into the spirit of the meeting and because Rick’s Maico died, he lent Rick one of them for the open class, and the bike dropped a chain and damaged the rear brake, repairs made. Then lent his bike to Nick Maxfield and both went out in the 4 stroke event. They were having a great battle, when Nicks bike decided to drop the fuel line and the bike caught fire. That was the end of the CCM’s for the weekend. Nick did receive a minor burn to his arm, but would like to report his trusty riding shirt is unharmed. We were all devastated that neither Nick or Scott could race again on the weekend after all that preparation.

Lew White worked hard all weekend only to have his chances ruined by some over aggressive riding but another contender and was devastated.

Now the Dillon’s, our fully sponsored riders stood around and waited for their bikes and support crews to turn up. Sarah ended up with a Yammie YZA 125 and fell in love it flew and she had a great weekend with great support, so much so John wants to bring the bike over from Qld to SA for Sarah to ride next year. Robert’s meet didn’t start to well as the bike brought for him didn’t go so was left without a ride. But due to my first race incident He rode in the Pre75 250 and age group on the MAG 250 and had a ball. I rode in my age group

Ron Tyers had a trying meet and for two of his events couldn’t get passed the infamous 3rd turn were he stalled in the mud, but persevered and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Mark Kestel put his bike together on Thursday and after a few gremlins had a great time on his Elsinore and even thanked Rick Speak for filling him in as he passed him.

Brian Watson was the consummate professional and circulated all weekend and getting himself on the podium, was great to see the Husky auto in full flight. Trevor (sweep) Lobegeiger was back on his home ground and circulated all weekend on the track and in the pits. Bill Watson got out and circulated in practice, but was told off for doing too many laps by the family. It was great to see him get out there though, as only Bill could.

Mike Lawrie tried all weekend and was putting himself in good positions in his event but once again due to bike problems and racing incidents, missed out on the podium.

Event with all the problems we had we still had a ball, it was brilliant. Everyone support each other and everyone feeling the hurt when people or bikes didn’t go. It was just a brilliant weekend with a great bunch of people. We are all going to Port Augusta next year come along and bring a sense of humour

Nick Maxfield and myself spent the weekend explaining (slowly) to the eastern staters about the Container and costs, the bibs and how easy it was (in principle) to arrange and to get themselves in gear, to get to SA next year.

We made a couple of presentations at the wind up or a Bib to MQ and a picture to Col Metcher for all his work

So to the results, and a lot of these were positions were obtained with only two rides

Kris Lindgren 2nd (Pre75 250), 2nd (age 250cc)

Nick Fitzgerald 8th (Pre75 250cc), 21st (pre75 263), 3rd (age 263cc), 2nd (age 250cc)

Alan Mitchell 10th (age 263cc)

Rick Speak 9th (Pre 75250cc), 24th (pre75 263), 4th (age 250cc)

Darryl Mitchell 16th (pre75 250), 1st (age 250cc)

Brian Watson 19th (pre75 250), 4th (pre65 250), 2nd (age 250cc) 9th (pre78 263)

Lew White 19th (pre75 250), 10th (pre75, 263), 4th (age 263cc), 12th (age 250cc)

Robert Dillon 23rd (pre75 250) 4th (age 250cc)

Mark Kestel 27th (pre75 250), 10th (age 250cc)

Andrew Irving 19th (pre75 263)

Scott Lawson 11th (pre75 263)

Sarah Dillon 9th (Pre75 125), 3rd (age 125cc)

Costa Lindgren 3rd (Age 263cc)

Trevor Lobegeiger 6th(age 263cc)

Mike Lawrie 4th (pre70 250)

Barry Mitcheson 5th (age 250)

Ron Tyers, Super Senior