2020 Awards afternoon

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side for the 2020 awards afternoon held at the Como Bowling Club restricting it to an entirely indoor affair with those attending having to miss out on the planned lawn bowls. Still an enjoyable afternoon, with a large spread of food to be enjoyed, Thank you to Barbara Brady for organising and cooking the BBQ and to all those attendees who brought salads.
Congratulations to all of our prize winners for 2020 and Thank You to all of our 2020 workers.
Mr Vintage: Ron Jones
Rusty Iron: Robert Dillon
Sidecar “balls n all”: Jason Dillon/John Mattaboni
Special helper: Jacob Gordon
Oldest Rider: Ron Tyres
Youngest Rider: Jason Dillon
Club helpers: Andrew Irving, Barbara Brady, Gabby and Michael Gordon, Ron Jones and Mark Steel