2021 President Report

Firstly,  I want to congratulate all the members on a successful year, plenty of bike riding and plenty of grins.

Committee –  It is great to be able  to come along to a club event and have all aspects of the day ready to go and this couldn’t happen without the guys behind the scenes, the Committee.

Vice President –  Peter Latham

Secretary –          Michael Gordon

Treasurer –          Andrew Irving

Club Captain –     Dave Latham

General Committee members – Trevor Lobegiger, Paul Gibbs

also  our “unofficial”  committee member Robert Dillon whom we call on for information and to keep our website ticking over.

Great to see membership increase this year after a difficult 2020. We got to 60 members, well done all.

The Club sent out a survey to members from 2019 and 2020 to gauge a direction that the Club should take in 2021. One of the initiatives was to include “twin shock” racing at venues that would be suitable. Whilst  not as  successful as I would have liked in the way of “bums on seats” this initiative should be, I believe, continued in 2022.

We renewed some alliances with Clubs this year. Collie, Northam and Lightweight. Provided different venues to have a skid at also with Willie T, who plans to hold 3 events next year we can race at. These venues should provide plenty of variety for all.

Thanks must also go to Ian Payne and Chad Ferguson for the use of Paynes Find and Mill Farm. Paynes were exceptional events with the track mods certainly getting the tick and as is the norm, Mill Farm, our marquee event thanks  guys.

Thanks  also  to the members who became new officials this year, it certainly  helps with running events although we still need more.

Whilst on this subject I would like to pay a special mention to those for one reason or another were injured or unable to ride, but still  volunteered their time to officiate so events could go ahead.

Looking forward to a successful 2022 season.

Brian Watson