Brian Watson

Brian Watson

Name (Firstname and surname) Brian Watson
Race Numbers Current:         72                       Prior to VMXWA: 11
Current grade you usually race (eg: A, B, C, Over 55, Sidecars) A … hope to squeeze into over 55 soon.. J
Year you were born 1958
What type of job/industry have you been in most of your life Government
Age you started riding 14
Years of Competitive Racing

Eg: 1950-1980 MX, Speedway, Trials, Sidecar, 1995 to now VMX

1972-1981 “modern motocross”… VMX founding member to current
Motor Cycle Club/s you’ve been a Member of AJS, Derby for Kids MX
First bike/s you rode


1969/70 Penton (KTM) 125
Favourite bike/s you’ve had 1981 430 CR Husqvarna
Your current bike/s Husqvarna various
Your Motocross Highlights

(eg: treatured memories, titles you hold, best win, best event (as rider or spectator)…anything MX related that sticks in your mind from years gone by (or last week…haha)

Every year we go away with VMX Club memebrs to a National Classic Motocross championship..travelling across the Nullarbor to SA in 2011 was great fun J
Most memorable (funny or painful) Motocross accident Getting run over by a CZ whilst watching racing at Collie in 1970
Your Motocross Hero (past or present) Shane Kirkpatrick
Family Motocross History

(who else rides or is involved in MX in some form in your family)

Dad Bill rides (still)
What are your favourite hobbies/interests outside of motocross Played Basketball at State League level ( in between MX and VMX)
What made you join VMXWA