Captains Blog

Hi everybody,

Well, they have been and gone (the night series) and by all reports successful.   The riders numbers were a little disappointing, but, those who attended had a really great time and have made mention of having more of the same at a later date.

Now it is time for our race proper program to start. On Sunday, April 30th sees the start of the year with our combined meeting with the classic club at Darkan.  Word has it that a lot of work has been done in the off season so the track will be in tip top shape. To make this a really successful event we need your support.  Richard and his committee are very keen to foster the friendship between the two clubs, so let’s turn out in big numbers to show our support.  If you own a pre 90 bike take it along and have a few extra rides. The program will include plenty of events for pre 75 bikes.

Flaggies are always a problem at any event, so if you have friends going and they have the urge to wave a flag I am sure it would be appreciated.

Cost, VMX members can ride on their VMX membership and just pay the ride fee ($30.00) plus a one day license if required.  Come and camp over Saturday night so as to enjoy some good fellowship with fellow riders.

Sign on will start at 7.00am Sunday.

After making all the arrangements for this event I realized some weeks later that I will be away and can’t attend  (BUGGER) so the captain’s responsibilities will be left to our capable president.

Any more info check out the classic clubs website.


NARROGIN!!!!  Our first event will be on May 21st,  so tune up and get ready so we turn out in big numbers for our first home track run.


REMINDER MA has now banned all tear offs at any track and also helmet cameras – so please do the right thing to save arguments.


Keep in mind the Dandaloo classic on June 3 and 4  – entry forms out soon.


Captain Frank….