Dale James

Bunbury 1982 State 250cc Championship Heat

Dongara 2008 Mancation

Helmet is on and still no peace

Narrogin 2006 – If you’re not winning you’re dirty

Race Numbers: Current: #87

Prior to VMXWA: Senior MX #87, Junior MX #124

Current grade you usually race:  A Grade
 Year you were born  1966
What type of job/industry have you been in most of your life Transport, both driving and management
Age you started riding 10
Years of Competitive racing 1976-1979: Junior MX

1981-1983: Senior MX (after a shoulder reconstruction, the doc said no more bikes your shoulder has no rebuilds left in it. Damn early retirement)

1997- present: VMX (what would the doc know anyway, you’ve got to live right? 27 years on its current rebuild, he must have used “genuine parts”)

Motocycle clubs you’ve been a member of  WA mini bike club

Lightweight MCC



 First bike you rode  First bike was a grey tank 1973 Honda XR75
 Favourite bike/s you’ve had  Angriest bike was a heavily modded 1977 Honda xr75 (had more suspension then, than my Montesa has now). Most pleasurable bike to race was 1981 Suzuki Rm250x. Most fun bike to race is the Montesa Vr 250, but I’ve put on too much pudding for the little 250 now. Time to borrow a big-bore till I trim up! Dad ?
Your Motocross Highlights

(eg: treasured memories, titles you hold, best win, best event (as rider or spectator)…anything MX related that sticks in your mind from years gone by (or last week…haha)

State or national #1 have always been out of reach, or out of my luck.

1980:- 3rd Nationals 75cc.

1982:- 2nd Prince of the cross (injured and first year of senior mx).

2000:- 2nd State vmx Open class.

Many top 5 finishes in state and national events in jmx , mx and vmx. (always the bridesmaid, never the bride).

Best race was the Allstar race at the 2000 state titles at Noble Falls. Racing for about 4th and 5th position against the Suzuki Tm250 mounted Shane Thompson. The Montesa 250 nipping at his heels the whole race. Positions swapped several times with the Montesa having the power in the straights, but then the Suzuki would have the power out of the corners.

Eventually, I got the out-brake I needed (was on the last lap too) to get in front and stay in front and beat Shane to the flag.

Thanks Shane for one of the best races I’ve ever had!

 Most memorable (funny or painful) Motocross accident Bunbury Superbowl 1981:- got the “altitude” record for the evening. After watching the 250’s “only just” clearing the second jump in a set of quad-jumps, I decided, time for a 125 to do it. And if I was going to make it, I would have to wring the neck of the 125 to do the same job. Little did I realise, the 250’s were braking before the takeoff. DOH ! I hit the take-off jump flat out, cleared the second jump easily, too easily I thought, then bellied out on the top of the 3rd jump knocking the wind out of me.

Whilst getting my breath back I could hear the commentator talking about the new record.

I finished the race, this time slowing before the take offs!

 Your Motocross Hero (past or present)  Graeme Smythe for MxBeatle Bailey for Supercross
Family Motocross History (who else rides or is involved in MX in some form in your family) Father:- Vic James still racing after all these years.

Father-in-law:-Ray Wann still gets the Bultaco out from time to time.