First Busy Bee 2017!

Greetings and a very happy new year to all VMXWA members!

A small group of club members went to Narrogin track to start this season’s track works and repairs to the canteen verandah and mods to the front of the canteen.  As you can see buy the 2 photos it was the old guys doing all the work while the youngest stood back laughing.  There were mods done to track for the up and coming night series that will be held  on a shortened track in front of canteen, the events will be held over 2 weekends with trophies  at the end of series with tallying of points for the events so you must be at both events to be in the running.  More details to follow soon.

Gary would like to thank Brad Green, Frank Barron, Nick Ferguson and Ron Chandler for all their hard work.

Ron and old man Gary hard at work!

Supervising the geriatric work crew.