Presidents report 2018

Its that time of the year again when i give a report on what happened in the Club this year so here goes.
Firstly i would like to thank the committee members for all there work through out the year , Mike / Teresa and Barbara Brady for running the majority of race meetings for the year and the small band or workers that make sure every race meeting go’s to plan without all of these people their wouldn’t be any clubruns. I really enjoy seeing the looks on members faces when we have a club weekend it is the only sport i have been involved in where everybody has a smile on there face all weekend. we had 11 clubruns at Darkan / Narrogin / Boddington / Paynes Find and our premier event at Wandering . Wandering always brings back past members and it was great to see them there with their wives enjoying the atmosphere. As most of you know our lease at Narrogin is being put up for tender from 2019 – 2020 and we will apply for it, we have approached the Wandering Shire to see if they can lease us some land just in case we loose Narrogin, On the bright side we had another great year of riding and I am looking forward to next year so from myself and the committee we hope you have a Happy Christmas and New Year and we will do it all again next year.
Gary Johnson.


Hi everybody,

Just a reminder that our trophy night and Final ride are on the 13th and 14th of October.

Please contact Barbara 0418041226 or Gary 0413968005 for catering and who gets what trophies as soon as possible.

The meal will be a roast (on the club) byo drinks. So come along, its always a fun night.

See you all there.


Hi Everyone,
Wandering Fair and Car Show is being held on 8th September 2018. If anyone is interested in showing off their cherished pre ’75 bikes, or if you have an old car you have restored, or are in the process of restoring, bring it along.

Mike Smith is going to look after this as well as the set-up of the Mill Farm Track to be held on the same day. The contact email for Mike is Please contact him if you are able to give a hand or wish to display something.

If any of our members have a Clerk of Course Officials License and are not planning to ride at Wandering Mill Farm on the 16th September this year could they please contact Barbara Brady on 92765377.

Theresa and Barbara Brady, race and membership secretary