Ride Report Wandering “Paynes Find” 26/5/24

On Monday the week before we were to head to Darkan for the Troy Ando Anderson Memorial Event, due to unforeseen circumstances that event was cancelled so after a few phone calls it was decided to hold that ride at our track and invite the Classic Club.
A phone call to Andrew Parker, Classic President, and it was confirmed Paynes Find was on.
On Saturday I dropped into the Tavern and alerted Janet to be prepared for a few extras for tea that night and she was delighted when I gave her a Vintage Dirt T Shirt. For those who weren’t aware she has invited us to put on a Grass Track at Wandering’s Caravan Camp Out in October, more info on that one to follow.
There was certainly challenges in putting this ride park day on as these regional areas are still suffering extreme water shortages. The normal starters were there on Saturday with a raft of tasks well underway by the time I arrived. Track was being graded, pumps set up the truck filled, toilets cleaned, IBCs filled, bunting erected and finally several loads of water on the track. We are very lucky to have that Dam at our disposal. A huge well done and thanks to those people who made themselves available on Saturday to do that work. Fun was had by all around the fire solving the worlds problems into the small hours of the morning.
Sign on was on time and we were riding by 9:15. Club Captain and Secretary had things all done and as usual I got just got in the way. In total we had 30 riders and considering a change in venue I was happy with those numbers. A big thank you to the flaggies, Trevor and Glen, with Pete controlling the start/finish line.
Classic Member Kye Gammage was invited to say a few words on the importance of the day for the Anderson family and those who were close to Troy.
The track held up really well and we didn’t have to water until we stopped for a lunch break after 4 rounds of Pre ’75, Pre ’85&Pre’95 combined, Sidecar and Pre ’04.
All was good except for 2 incidents which put a bit of a damper on proceedings for the boys who hurt themselves. Rob Collard, dislocated shoulder, had some explaining to do to the future bride about having to wear a sling on their special day in two weeks. Husky rider Ferret needed an ice pack on an injured hand which fortunately turns out nothing broken.
The idea of inviting the Classic Members was well received and  certainly appreciated.
I failed to mention the work on the Vinduro loop, for Vintage Dirt, is ongoing and a big thankyou to Brian Squires and Wayne Clark for that.
A great day was had by all and now looking forward to the the first round of VMXWA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF PRE 75 MOTO CROSS on the 23/6/24 at Wandering “Paynes Find”.
President Lew