Robert Dillon

Member Since: 2004
Club Captain: 2008 – 2010
Club President 2015

Sarah, Robert & Hannah enjoying Clackline 2009

First bike?

Robert & Sarah spectating on “Sandy Straight” at a Manjimup 15000 event…aww

Race Numbers Current:    77                                           Prior to VMXWA: 77
Current grade you usually race B, Sidecar, Pre ‘65
Year you were born 1987
What type of job/industry have you been in most of your life I’m only young!!!!  Still starting life ….student (mechanical engineering).  Retail.
Age you started riding 11
Years of Competitive Racing 1999-2004 – Junior Motocross with West Australian Junior Motocross Club, Chidlow

2004-current – VMXWA (Solo 2004-current and Sidecar 2006-current)

Motor Cycle Club/s you’ve been a Member of -West Australian Junior Motocross Club, Chidlow
– Australian Sidecar Cross Association
First bike/s you rode Yamaha YZ80 1985 (First bike in 1999)
Yamaha YZ80 1996 (Next bike in 1999)
Favourite bike/s you’ve had Still got  – 1972 Kawasaki Wasp 500 Sidecar
– 1958 TriBSA 500
Your current bike/s Dare you ask
-1972 Kawasaki Wasp 500 Sidecar
– 2 x 1974 XL390
-1968 BSA B44
-1958 TriBSA
-1975 Honda Elsinore 125 M1
-1972 BSA B25 (really grandads)
-Rickman Montessa (also grandads, but guess whos building it!!!…me)
-1985 Honda CB250
-1998 Yamaha Virago 750
-1981 Yamaha XJ 750
Your Motocross Highlights -2006 Sidecar Spectacular in Morgan, SA. Turning up with only spectating in mind, and end up swinging for the first time on a Kawasaki W1 pre 68 outfit, with Gary Sheppard. After one scorching hot day (40 degrees +) and one wet, windy day, ended up with an equal first to Murray Williams and Wayne Kerval (Norton BSA Special 500 pre 68).
-2006 National titles. 3rd as passenger, Sidecar with Steve Melvin on Norton Wasp-2008 Narracoorte Sidecar Spectacular. Rain, rain, rain just before practice on first day (and you thought Wokalup in 2009 was bad) Turning perfectly firm track into a giant mudhole, with more traction available on ice in comparison! Half a lap of racing/or perhaps riding is a better term…and then pulling over to clear mud from the wheels so they would continue to rotate. Hard work but a great laugh. Overall 2nd in B grade.- 2009 Clackline event. Not sure what happened but Sarah and I the only ones able to find traction in the mud?? Work that out for a two stroke. 4 wins in 4 starts. Not done it again since
Most memorable (funny or painful) Motocross accident  Most definitely memorable. Wokalup in 2009. Again an absolute mud pit with minimal vision attempting to continue swinging for Sarah whilst blinded by mud (not a good idea). Getting caught still sitting on the seat in a left hander with chair lifting and me falling off the side. The most memorable part was realising that I had landed in approx. a 3 feet deep natural spring. Was certainly clean by the end of it. Drowning was one risk of motorcycling I never signed up for. Luckily no injuries to myself or Sarah, only an aching jaw from laughing and smiling so much.
Family Motocross History  – Grandad rode for many years in England around the 50’s. Trials and scrambles.
Now currently
– Sarah Dillon (sister) – my sidecar rider, solo rider on XL 390, or whatever she can get her hands on!!
– Hannah Dillon (sister) – Honda Elsinore 125, BSA B25
– Parents, Grandparents, Aunty – Race day officials from time to time.
What are your favourite hobbies/interests outside of motocross – Working on, building and learning about the various vintage bikes.
– General fiddling and building of various bits and pieces.
What made you join VMXWA Grandad started it!!! Growing out of Juniors at age 16 and not really wanting or looking forward to to joining the modern senior ranks. Grandad noticed the Wandering event in 2003 advertised in the paper and upon spectating we realised that VMX was going to be fun.

Joining up in 2004 to the friendly family, relaxed atmosphere where all members are willing to help each other out.

What else do we need to know?!  My shed often referred to as “Robert’s Dodgy Brothers Engineering” – Thanks Sarah. I am also referred to by Sarah as her sandbag!!!!