Round 1 Tri-Series British and 125cc – Paynes Find 22/5/22

Round 1 Tri-Series British and 125cc
Great to see everyone brave the cool breeze on Saturday / Sunday, conditions weren’t ideal but apparently it’s a winter sport with some early contenders for the Tri-Series awards, keep it up.
I’d like to thank those that worked hard to put this event on Lew White, Kevin Clayden, Andrew Irving, Michael Gordon, Norm and Ian Moylan for flagging (not the way the first VMX event should go…but), and the Dillons for helping bring in the track markers at the end of the day, and of course Ian Payne for the use of the property. There is a short turn around ’til Round 2 of the Tri-Series “Euro Trash” on the 12 June 2022.
Enjoy the long weekend..see some of you at Manjimup for the 15000
Thank you to Deb Miller for the fantastic pictures, click here to be taken to the photo gallery from the event on her website.