The last laps – Dandaloo 2020

After a delayed start to the 2020 riding year, the anticipation of going to Dandaloo to do some skids was high.Packed up the rust bucket Friday and got going  (what I considered) early on Saturday morning..uneventful trip down..rolled through Narrogin Town..and headed out towards the track.. as I got closer…were my eyes deceiving me..?!..before I got anywhere near the Speedway..I could see cars and caravans parked at was 2.00 in the I pulled into the driveway.. what..!! there were guys on the track riding..woohoo..

Drove around behind the canteen for the scene to open up in front..gee..parking was already at a my elbows up and found a nice flat spot to park..

Jumped out of the bus and immediately saw people that I haven’t seen for a few years..seems there were quite a few faces taking up the opportunity to have a “last lap”…

In line with physical distancing..I wandered around and bumped elbows with lots of eager vintage motocrossers..  unloaded the bikes.. parked them in the pits..then thought..well..I might have a ride too..
The track was in  surprisingly good condition..even a few spots of sitting water / mud..ahh Dandaloo..what a venue..

After a few skids.. a shower in the magnificent ablution block..(wish my shower at home was that good).. and thanks must go to all the guys that put the block up..and to Stan Read for his millimeter perfect supervision..
By now even more people arrived and the place was starting to hum…
Nightfall brought the BBQ to life..a few adult beverages around the fire, quite a few laughs and giggles watching the vids that Nick Maxfield had provided..

Eventually got to bed around 11.30..

Sunday morning, wanting to sleep in a bit..but was roused by Mick Godbold and Peter Creech parked next door, up and about early..

Riders meeting held..and a group photo taken out on the startline..then off to do some more skids.. nice sunny day and around 60 riders made for a great day..I don’t think there was a moment during the day that someone wasn’t out on the track

Finally ran out of steam about 2.30..

I would like to thank Paul Copley for providing the “Last Lap” decals at no cost..if you can support Southwest Signs and Stickers that would be great..Also to Rod Gilchrist for the artwork of the Last Lap decals..awesome work Rod..and to Nick Maxfield for pulling it together..well done..

Frank Barron needs a special mention..Frank has been our “caretaker” at Dandaloo over the years…cleaning up the mess we leave and grading the track..amongst the many tasks that Frank has done for the Club over many years..the whole Club is grateful for all your work Frank..

Last but not least is the VMX Club Committee(s) over the years for making sure the events and the Club have run smoothly ..great job to all..

Leaving Dandaloo on Sunday arvo did have a “twinge” of sadness…25 years is  a great adventure..let’s hope we can get back there at some point with the Narrogin Dirt Bike Riders Assoc and enjoy a great venue with plenty of history with Motocross in W.A.


Brian Watson