Trevor Bushell

Trevor BushellMember since 2013

Race Number? T

How did you get involved with VMX Trevor?  I’d been looking for a while and brought 2 bikes 15 years ago. Since that purchase, I’ve been doing Enduros. I’ve also been a member of the Aerial Club at Rowe St East Perth around 1961.

You current item of treasure? XL 350 73

If you had endless wealth what bike would you buy?  BSA 440 Victor

And what race meeting would you like to attend while cashed up?  Hawkstone or a Sidecar grass Track in the UK.

As its pre70 feature today what make of that era would you ride and why? Victor it’s a nice bike and being brought up in that era I have fond memories.

What do you enjoy about VMXWA race meetings? I attend Wandering to watch and I needed to get one. Just caught the bug, it’s hard to explain!

Scariest moment? I’ve had a couple of hospital visits, one being rider error in a right-hander and flipping the sidecar at was at Noble Falls in 1976.

Best Success? Waiting for it!

Scariest moment? Car & Trailer from Kelmscott!

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