Busy Bee/Ride Weekend Report – 11 and 12 March 2023

Just a few words on our weekend.


I had planned to get down to Wandering on Friday afternoon but after a few days R&R in Augusta and a late return home, I finally managed to empty the    ute, load up again just on sunset and had a second thought about leaving so late. Had a red can instead and decided to stay put for the evening.


I set off early Saturday morning, stopping at Bedfordale Servo to load the Yeti with 2 large cappuccinos’ and arrived at Paynes Find about 7:30am, still wondering what the day would bring.


As my first two trips out to Wandering with fellow enthusiast Pat Smythe and the Engineer, come jack-of-all-trades, Ron Jones, we made some contacts that were going to prove invaluable.

Another journey to the Track was with a retired Fire-Fighter mate of mine, Rick Shaw, who lives out at Wandering. Well, his mate had a bobcat and a digger, so, for 2 cartons of red cans and some diesel he and I set about to make changes to the track a reality. On the same day, our recently retired and talented machine operator, Kevin Claydon, spent the entire day in the tractor using a few witches hats as markers to make the changes that now resembles an MX track that we hope will impress.

The day finally arrived for the Wandering Busy Bee.

Having spent a lot of time with the phone stuck to my ear, we had local legend Neil Brand and his trusty bobcat.  Also, Tim Haslam supplied his loader (again operated by Kevin Claydon), Wandering Shire supplied us with a Grader and their legendary Operator, Brad. The job these boys did with this machinery was nothing short of amazing. You will see a track that will now create some interest, a couple of fast sections with some banked corners and a few new jumps that will excite the punters.









Finally, Wandering Bush Fire Brigade Captain, Shaun Brand, (Mill Farm side car rider of note) had organised a Drill which incorporated the operation of 4 fire Appliances directing jets of water on an area which just so happened to be cleared for a Vintage MX track. After the drill was completed it was found that further training was required and the said crews would return on a day which may coincide with our events. This decision was made over a box of those red cans supplied by President, ice by Pat Smythe.


The work done by those who showed; Myself, Ron Jones, Paul Jones, Pat Smythe, Pete Latham, Jason Plumley, Kevin and Justin Claydon.

These guys emptied both containers, organised them with shelving, sorted equipment, tools, spare parts, operated and repaired the tractor, the water truck, water pumps and hoses. The 2 IBC’s were placed on the 2 trailers for future watering of the track and camp area, which had also been cleared and levelled by the machine operators.

A big cheers to the Jones’ boys, and their lovely wives, who also spent the previous weekend at the track putting in the work that’s going to give us a track and venue that we can be proud of.


On the Sunday we did have a ride although it was still very dusty, as was expected, Justin Claydon was first to share his thoughts after a couple of laps and the response was a positive one. As usual the Maico proved to be one of the more reliable VMX bikes and after no maintenance 2 kicks fired into life for a test of the new track. I believe we have something that everyone will enjoy, ask the Jones boys, I think they’re still there.


Your President (Self-elected unopposed)

Lew White