HCMCWA looking for Flag Marshals for 2023

The Historic Competition Motorcycle Club (HCMC) WA are looking for flag marshals for their 2023 road race events at Wanneroo (Carco Raceway) on the 19th February, 14th May and the 2nd July and are asking if VMXWA have anyone willing to volunteer for the day. HCMCWA pay $50 per day plus lunch and drinks and you get the best seat in the house, trackside.
In return the HCMCWA will be willing to provide flag marshals for our VMXWA events when we need them.
If anyone is willing to assist with any of the 3 above dates please message Roger Middlebrook directly or contact him through 0458 276 464.

Retiring Presidents Report for 2022

Welcome to the culmination of another exciting Vintage Motocross Year.


The year started out with a busy bee at Paynes Find, that, encouragingly, had more workers than riders. I must say, I’m always surprised to see people come along and lend a hand and then not ride. I think that type of selflessness is the measure of a true “club” environment. Thank you to all who volunteered their time throughout the year.


The VMX Club have many great partners, enabling us to hold events at vintage mx friendly venues throughout the state, and I’d like to personally thank these people and organisations;

Ian Payne for his continued support at Paynes Find, which is developing into a great “ home” venue.

Chad and Julie Ferguson, again, Mill Farm is our marquis event, with good reason. Thank you for 20 years of great racing and memories.

Collie Motorcycle Club, in particular Steven and Alison Melvin who are great VMX supporters

Northam  Districts Motorcycle Club who are great supporters of VMX and allow us to ride at their great facility, much appreciated.

Lightweight Motorcycle Club again for honouring the late Ron Tyers with a ride day at Hendley Park.


A couple of years ago, the VMX Committee asked the members what they wanted to see in the way of format for events with “twin shock” being an overwhelming favourite. Realising that there was a “gap” in WA vintage motocross scene for these bikes, we have been promoting twin shock with numbers of bikes increasing which is great to see the membership supporting. Let’s continue to support these bikes.


20 years at Mill Farm has been a pleasure to be a part of. The venue has stood the test of time, thanks go to the club members who with the late Dan Ferguson all those years ago laid the ground work for such an iconic race day. Once again, thank you to the Ferguson family for their support. Whilst on Mill farm, I’d like to give a big shout out to Rod Gilchrist, who provided the artwork for the Anniversary T Shirts. Thanks Rod.


All the success of the year doesn’t happen by chance, and the work behind the race days is down to a group of volunteers who make each event go off without a hitch, these guys are the VMX Club Committee.

Thanks you to;

Vice President – Pete Latham, our man on the ground in the Wandering area

Michael Gordon – Secretary, this also includes race secretary

Andrew Irving – Treasurer , many a great holiday had on club funds

Lew White – Club Captain, who dove into the year with great enthusiasm

Don McGrath  – great support with awards throughout the year..and the fastest sweep rider of all time Trevor Lobegiger.. thanks for all your help.

Robert Dillon for his work keeping the Club website up to date, Thanks Robert.


Can’t leave out our “unofficial” committee member, Barb Brady. Thanks for all your help during the year Barb.


I want to thank everyone who came along in 2022 and had a ride, lent a hand, made us laugh and made us go “ooohh”…I had a ball.


I look forward to a successful 2023.

Brian Watson

2023 Committee

Welcome to the 2023 Committee voted in at the AGM held Wednesday 23rd November 2022. Unfortunately the position of President and Secretary are currently vacant. If anyone would like to put their hand up for these positions please contact any one of the current committee.

2023 Committee

  • President: Vacant (Please contact the committee if you would like to fill this role)
  • Vice President: Peter Latham, 0488 224 143
  • Secretary: Vacant (Please contact the committee if you would like to fill this role)
  • Treasurer: Andrew Irving, 0437 503 979
  • Club Captain: Lew White, 0414 617 734
  • General Committee: Trevor Lobegeiger (0429 103 934), Don McGrath (0419 717 970), Robert Dillon (0429 409 590), Pat Smyth