Saturday 11/7 and Sunday 12/7 Paynes Find, Wandering

Our next upcoming club run on the weekend of the 11/7/2020 and 12/7/2020 will be a recreation day so please ensure you have your 2020 membership up to date or memberships can be paid on the day, don’t forget there are family discounts available also.

The Saturday will be a busy bee commencing at 10am to put a roof over the 2 containers and paint the small container, this much needed infrastructure will allow us to increase the comfort level of our meetings at the Paynes Find property and also keep our club equipment safe and out of the weather. Everyone is encouraged to attend early on Saturday to assist and if they have the following please bring chainsaws, screw guns, rakes, grinders, generators and anybody that is handy with a welder as well please bring a welder. If any body has a question give Gary a call on 9534 3321.

Sunday will follow our normal format. Please note that you will need to BYO food and drink for the weekend.

Hope to see everybody there.