Membership 2020

A reminder that membership fees are now open for the 2020 season (1st Jan to 31st Dec), forms are available in the documents section or click here to go straight to the form.

The fee structure has changed slightly for this year to include family memberships. Every full riding member can also nominate their household family members for a non riding membership at no additional cost, please add their names in the space provided on the form. For families with multiple riding members the first rider pays full membership ($80) and each subsequent rider pays the reduced rate of $40.

Membership fees 2020

Full riding member $80 (1 Riding member and multiple non riding household family members)

Associate member $20 (Non riding)

Subsequent family member $40 (1st family member takes out full membership $80 and then each additional riding family member is $40 each)

Please do not forget to include your annual assistance form and nominate a meeting in which to assist. Click here to view the 2020 calendar to nominate your dates.