Membership Secretary – Barbara Brady

Race Numbers Current:  –                                  Prior to VMXWA:
Current grade you usually race (eg: A, B, C, Over 55, Sidecars) Race Official and Canteen
Year you were born 1961
What type of job/industry have you been in most of your life Retail and Bus Driving
Age you started riding I started going to motor racing events at about 18 months old with Dad (sat on his shoulders for better viewing!).
Years of Competitive Racing None
Motor Cycle Club/s you’ve been a Member of Official/Inspector/Marshal with Rally Australia, Club Rally’s in WA, Chidlow Junior MX Club, VMXWA
First bike/s you rode
Favourite bike/s you’ve had
Your current bike/s
Your Motocross Highlights
Most memorable (funny or painful) Motocross accident
Family Motocross History My grandparents were officials at grass track and motocross events.  In later years so was my Dad.  I’ve been around motor racing of some sort all my life.
What are your favourite hobbies/interests outside of motocross V8’s, Formula One Racing
What made you join VMXWA It was time to move from Juniors and vintage was what interested the riding members of the family.
What else do we need to know? I have been a happy official or run canteen for the club when needed and I hold a level 2 Steward accreditation.