Tri-Series Round 3 – Paynes Find 3rd July 2022

Our next event is the final round of the Tri-Series at Paynes Find on July 3rd 2022. We have already had some interesting “nominations’ for the Tri – Series awards which the Committee will finalise after this event and present at the Wandering Mill Farm Scramble.
Sidecars are the feature event for the day, a chance for the chairs to tune up for Mill Farm on August 7. Included as usual at Paynes is the twin shock class. The track has had some manicuring, so look forward to primo conditions for all.
Sunday at Paynes, the Club will put on a sausage sizzle at lunch, so sausages, buns, cool drinks etc…make sure to annoy the BBQ master to ensure you get your snag cooked just how you like ’em.
Whilst mentioning Mill Farm, if you haven’t yet put in your entry for the Mill farm Scramble head on over to the website or click here for the link. Pre entry will save a lot of time on the day and will ensure you are in the program for the commentary team.
In addition, on the 17th of July is the first of the Natural Terrain Series run by¬†Willie Thomson at Dirt High Promotions. Classes available for those events will be Classic (pre ’85) and Post Classic (pre 2002). Head over to Dirt High Promotions for entry details. Those that rode last year at Brookton had a great time, a perfect track for the vintage bikes.