Motorcycling Australia Official courses

With the membership wanting more competitive race meetings in the year instead of having non-competitive recreation days we are in the process of getting ourselves as a club geared up to make this happen.


One of our biggest issues preventing us holding competitive race meetings is the extra Motorcycling Australia qualified officials that are required compared to a non competitive recreation day. Refer to the below table to see the various requirements for different event types. All of these positions are all non-riding positions apart from the scrutineer who can ride with the approval from Motorcycling WA.


Official Requirements for events
Ride Park Day Non competitive Recreation Day Competitive Race day less than 65 riders Competitive Race day more than 65 riders
Responsible Person Practice supervisor Steward L2 (Known as Primary Official) Steward
Race Secretary Clerk
Scrutineer Race Secretary


Due to our current lack of qualified officials we need all our members to undertake official courses to be able to assist in the running of our events. Doing a qualified position takes the place of your annual assistance duty required by every member throughout the course of the year. Better still, if anyone has a family member/friend that doesn’t ride and comes along with you regularly, or if you are no longer able to ride and would like to stay involved, if they would be willing to obtain their official qualification then we can keep more riders on track where they belong. Traditionally in the past we had a large number of non-riding officials in the club that were able to fill these roles on a regular basis, unfortunately we don’t have these members in the club anymore.


Motorcycling Western Australia will run courses for our club if we can get a minimum of 6 participants in each course. We encourage everyone to train in each of the three roles to ensure that we can fill each position easily throughout the year.


Courses on offer will be

  • Steward/Clerk of Course – Full day on a Saturday at MWA office in Malaga
  • Race Secretary – Full day on a Saturday at MWA office in Malaga
  • Scrutineer – Half day on a Saturday at MWA office in Malaga


With the Steward/ Clerk of Course training, each participant will leave the course a qualified Clerk of Course and then after working in the Clerk of Course role for at least 2 meetings they can be upgraded to the Steward role.


If everyone could please contact Robert (0429409 590, before Friday the 18th August with which courses they would be happy to attend we will organise the courses and set the dates with Motorcycling WA.