Asry Bizar

On her 125 pit bike

Member Since: 2009

Asry on a late 60s dragster

Oops… need I say more?



Race Numbers Current:    188
Current grade you usually race (eg: A, B, C, Over 55, Sidecars) C
Year you were born 1988
What type of job/industry have you been in most of your life Postal Services Officer
Age you started riding 20
First bike/s you rode 125 Pitbike 
Favourite bike/s you’ve had Yamaha DT175
Your current bike/s Yamaha DT175
Your Motocross Highlights I have improved over the year of riding that I have partaken and have finally found the aggression for the sport!
Most memorable (funny or painful) Motocross accident Most painful would be tearing a ligament in my ankle which will never be the same again!
Your Motocross Hero (past or present) Travis Pastrana
What are your favourite hobbies/interests outside of motocross Vintage BMX
Women’s OzTag (form of touch rugby)
What made you join VMXWA Hayes Forsyth