Paul Rundel

Member Since: 2007

Committee Member: 2010

1980 Roof of Africa Race

First race meet 22nd Feb 1974

First race meet 22nd Feb 1974


Race Numbers Current:       151                 Prior to VMXWA: 5  25  125
Current grade you usually race (eg: A, B, C, Over 55, Sidecars) A
Year you were born 1962
What type of job/industry have you been in most of your life Mining – primarily on the processing side
Age you started riding 12
Years of Competitive Racing 10yrs
1976 – 1986 chasing South African Jnr Championships and South African Off Road Championships
Motor Cycle Club/s you’ve been a Member of Sports Car Club of South Africa
First bike/s you rode Yamaha1970 100cc
Favourite bike/s you’ve had Kramer & Honda XR200
Your current bike/s 1972 Honda XL250
1972 Maico CR400
1979 Kramer ER175
1989 Suzuki GSXR750RR
1988 Ducati 400F3
2004 Suzuki “Goose” 440
Your Motocross Highlights Receiving provincial colours for enduro and off-road championships
Competing in Roof of Africa Rallies
Watching the world mx championships in Britain 1998
2-weeks at Isle of Mann TT 1996
Most memorable (funny or painful) Motocross accident Losing big toe when gear lever punched through mx boot
Your Motocross Hero (past or present) Roger DeCoster
What are your favourite hobbies/interests outside of motocross Camping, fishing
What made you join VMXWA Riding old gear with like-minded ageing bodies