Collie Recreation Day 14/4/24

Our first event for the year is at Stockton Park, Collie on the 14/4/24 which will be run under a recreational permit and is open to all VMX, Classic MX and Vinduro members. Classes run will be determined on the day depending on entries, for example last years format was Pre ’75, Twin Shock, Pre ’95 and Period 20 giving plenty of track time to all involved. Unfortunately we are unable to run a junior class due to working with children requirements. 
Saturday the 13/4/24 there will be a swap meet made available to those who have items they want to bring along to sell from 4pm. 
BBQ packs will be available to purchase Saturday night (2 sausages and a piece of steak) for $10 each and the BBQs will be available for use. Movies will be running Saturday night and the bar will be open.
Schedule for Sunday 14th April is as follows
-Sign on 0800-0845
-Riders briefing 0900
-On track after briefing

Cost to ride is $30 and one event recreational licences will be available on the day for $45. One event licences are now available on ridernet ( leading up to the event at a cost of $33. For those that need assistance with purchasing one event licences on ridernet click here for a guide however please feel free to contact Robert and he’ll walk you through the process, one event licences are cheaper purchased online through ridernet. Collie is a recreation day so select Recreation licence and then one event recreational.

Regarding licensing it is also worth considering how many events you intend on attending throughout the year to see whether an annual licence is better value for your circumstances. See the table below to compare the costs for each event you plan on attending. VMXWA have 4 race days and 4 recreational days on the calendar this year (excluding Vintage Dirt which is a ride park day which doesn’t require a licence), anyone doing all events on the calendar is an easy choice of annual senior recreation licence.

Licence Type Eligible events Duration Cost
Annual Senior National All race and recreational events 12 month period $362
Annual Recreational All recreational events 12 month period $151
One event Competition online Race day One event only $81
One event Competition at track Race day One event only $100
One event Recreational online Recreational day One event only $33
One event Recreational at track Recreational day One event only $45
Please make sure you bring the correct cash with you for the weekend as there are no eftpos facilities. 
We look forward to seeing everyone at Collie, the Collie Club always present a well prepared track and fantastic hospitality. Those that attended last year had a great time. 

Busy Bee 10/3/24 – Progress Update

Just to report on our busy bee over the weekend. The work started early Saturday with the arrival of Kevin and Justin Clayden as the pre arranged
pick up of the Loader supplied again by local farmer Dean Warburton, who has kindly helped out for the second year in a row.
Kevin driving and Justin supervising they took to the repair of the track which had been destroyed by recent rain in the area. By lunch time Ron and Michelle Jones arrived with a list a mile long, Ron and Brother Dave have taken on the responsibility to look after the machinery a task which is well under way. Don McGrath sourced a new pump for the improvement of our supply of water along with the work the boys are doing watering the track this year will certainly be improved. Club captain and Vice president (Craig and Tess) and others started to show up and the planning of tasks were discussed and commenced. The biggest decisions were then made back at the Wandering Tavern, whether the Parmy, fish and chips or take a gamble on the steak sandwich. A few beers and a good time was had a the Tavern and after back at the track a few more drinks were enjoyed by the normal socialites.
Sunday started with bacon and egg burgers prepared by Captain and Vice Pres, tea and coffee also available. Craig addressed the volunteers and the work was again under way. Along with the track work the continual cleaning around the containers has been on going since last year and its really looking like we are getting there. 2 trips to the tip showed that we are heading in the right direction of reducing the amount of material, if its not being used it doesn’t belong there. On that, the rubbish bins will be removed to encourage everyone take your rubbish with you. Cliff Cook and Matt Christie showed up with more machinery which was fantastic and that made some of the jobs a lot easier, thanks Matt. We had Brad, another Wandering local, driving the shire grader and did a fabulous job creating a trench across the top of the paddock that will go a long way in reducing the water damage created in the past, he also made some nice improvements to the track. We have already started planning for “Vintage Dirt 2” with Brian and Wayne coming along and started mapping out the Vinduro Loop so a big thanks to them.
I can’t thank those enough who took time to come and the efforts they made over the weekend, nearly 20 legends, the way the place is taking shape is something we can be proud of. Ian Payne (property owner) just happened to be there and was blown away with the clean up and the way the place is coming along.
My goal has always been is to create a venue and a track that people want to ride at and enjoy and I think we are well on the way of achieving that.
Lew White

Bikes For Sale – New members seeking Bikes

We have a few new prospective club members that are currently on the lookout for suitable Pre ’75 bikes. If you have or know of bikes for sale please contact us and we will put you in touch with our new members. The aim is to keep as many bikes in WA and keep them actively participating within the club as much as possible.

Don’t forget you can also advertise your bikes for free on our club website (email me (Robert) the details, a photo, the asking price and your contact details) and I will place it on the club website for you. Those with access to facebook are welcome to advertise on the club facebook page directly, or we can assist you if needed.