Northam – 15th May 2022

The next event for VMXWA is the 15th May at the Northam Districts MCC track. For those that haven’t been there before click here for a link to directions. The day will be an invite to anyone with a twin shock bike i.e. two shocks ( unless it’s a Yamaha of course, then 1 shock is fine), drum brakes and air cooled. The day will be a recreation event with 1 day licences available on the day if required. Camping overnight is encouraged, come along and enjoy a great track at Northam.

Calendar updates for May 2022

As our Northam event was originally scheduled on Mothers Day we have changed our first Northam event to the 15th May. This event is also open to members of Classic MXWA and Vinduro WA.

To accommodate the Northam date change our Paynes Find event is now on the 29th May.

Click to view the updated calendar here where there is also a link available for a downloadable version.

Darkan – 10/4/22 Event Report

A great weekend was had by all at Darkan. Thanks again to the guys at the Classic Club and to Andrew and Pete for all their work. The usual suspects kept us amused Saturday night. Sunday dawned crisp and by the time sign on finished there were 65 riders eager to get underway, a great turn out with16 in twinshock so the track was busy. A couple of drops of rain by lunchtime saw a few head off home and a few more by about 1.30 kept a bit of the dust down, all in all a great weekend of fun.
Head on over to WFOFOTOS on FB or to see Deb Miller’s excellent work from Sunday. Click here to be taken to the Darkan gallery.
Don’t forget the next VMXWA event is April 24 at Collie, come on down and enjoy the perfectly prepared Collie track. Camping overnight is encouraged with showers and toilets available. Thanks Collie MCC.